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Blues legend says that current player, should not wear a Chelsea shirt again, don’t training with the team



Aubameyang spotted with Frank Lampard, James smiling during training session

I think there are absolutely more than one current Chelsea player you could say that about after last night’s horrific attempt at trying to play football.

I think my local youth team could have done better than some of those pretending to be Chelsea players last night.

But yes, once again, our 3-1 defeat against Arsenal last night shows once again that so many of this current Chelsea team are just not fit to wear the shirt, and former Chelsea midfielder Craig Burley has highlighted one in particular. But as I say, I think this could be said about many more Chelsea players right now as well and the sooner we have a massive squad clear out the better. Only then might we be able to move forward.

Burley was reporting on the game and has had some quotes on Pierre Emerick Aubameyang picked up by Chels HQ.

He said: “Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang should not wear a Chelsea shirt again, he should not even be allowed to the training ground. It wasn’t [about a lack of] service — he walked around for 45 minutes. It’s embarrassing.

“Quite frankly, if I’m on the bench and I’m not playing because of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, what is that telling me? I’m thinking about a different sport. He doesn’t care, he’s a liability. It’s embarrassing.”

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