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Cesc Fabregas slams Chelsea players, I can’t believe what I’m seeing



Chelsea vs Arsenal

Former Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas outlined the tactical differences between his two former clubs on Tuesday night.

The ex-Arsenal and Chelsea man was asked about the Gunners beating the Blues in the Premier League to go back to the top of the table.

Despite Chelsea’s second half resistance, Arsenal were already home and dry and eventually won the game 3-1.

“I think we saw two different sides,” Fabregas told Sky Sports.

“One was really well-drilled, very well-coached with clear ideas, patterns of how they want to press – especially in Chelsea’s half – how they want to attack, how they’re going to find their movement. They were fluid and Chelsea allowed that.

“I felt sometimes Chelsea, we used to have a coach when we were little and it was like we have eleven olives, you throw them on the table and this is the tactics that sometimes we’re looking at. Sometimes I couldn’t believe it, the tactical and technical mistakes we’re seeing from Chelsea players.

“We are not used to it. Especially from individuals, in midfield, for example, you have a World Cup winner, World Cup winner, World Cup finalist. [In defense you have the] captain of Brazil, an international English player at left back – it’s such an experienced team. Sometimes it doesn’t prove anything to have that experience.”

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