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Daniel Levy open up on selling Tottenham Hotspur



Daniel Levy open up on selling Tottenham Hotspur

Club owner, Daniel Levy has opened up on selling Tottenham following the speculations on the media houses.

Levy debunked the rumours circulating in the internet about him selling Tottenham club as he has not being negotiations with anyone yet.

Daniel Levy: “Despite the fact I feel sick that there’s a club in north London that’s a bit higher than us at the time, if I look back in the last five years we’ve been higher than them”.

“We’ve had some fantastic time”, he said – quotes via @SpurOTM

Daniel Levy: “Am I happy that we haven’t won more than one trophy in the last 15 years? Absolutely not. But I also think we’ve had some fantastic times”

“The ultimate goal is to win trophies. That is clearly what we are trying to do. It’s easier said than done”.

Daniel Levy on selling Tottenham: “We have a duty to consider any proposal that anyone wants to make. All I will say is that we are not in negotiations with anybody nor have we been over recent months”.

“All the stuff in the newspapers have been completely untrue”.

Levy speaks on how important Kane is to the club but things may change in the football world and see him playing for another club.

Daniel Levy: “Harry Kane can absolutely win a trophy at Spurs, but being a legend is also important. I hope one day there is a statue of Harry outside our stadium”, told @cambridgeunion.

“The fact that he’s top scorer of Spurs, he’s making history”.

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