Get Cristiano Ronaldo out of Old Trafford, he’s bad apple – Chelsea legend tells Man United 

Former Chelsea star, Craig Burley, has urged Manchester United to get Cristiano Ronaldo out of Old Trafford at once, insisting that the Portugal captain is a bad apple.

Burley believes there is no need for Man United to keep Ronaldo, who wants to leave the club this summer.

Ronaldo reportedly asked Man United to allow him to leave if a suitable offer is made this summer.

“[Apparently] there will be a few tears shed in the Manchester United dressing room if Cristiano Ronaldo leaves… Really? Trust me, the only tears shed will be from fans at the fact that half of these wannabes are at the club,” Burley told ESPN FC (via Metro).

He added, “The fact that he allegedly was a bit divisive last year on arrival at the club, I think that is merely down to the fact that the standards were awful. I can understand that frustration.

“I think Manchester United have to get him out. He isn’t the future. You can’t have a bad apple, a divisive player and one that does not want to be there.

“You have new management, trying to build some new foundations. You can’t have that player. The biggest mistake he [Ronaldo] made was walking into the club 12 months ago thinking they were moving forward.”

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