He’s a clumsy player’ – Chelsea legend slams star player

Chelsea legend Frank Leboeuf hasn’t hidden his opinion about this Chelsea team since the start of the season.

Leboeuf slammed the Chelsea board for not signing a top striker, and claimed that the club cannot rely on Raheem Sterling who ought to be the star man of the team.

Speaking on ESPN after the defeat to Aston Villa, Leboeuf said: “In order to win a game you have to score a goal, it’s as simple as that.

“I’m very surprised that you have some players that have been playing for, for the youngest, maybe 15 years in football, and then some others maybe 20 years or 25 years, for Thiago Silva 30 years – and yet they don’t know how to score a goal!

“That surprises me a lot, and I’ve seen so many possibilities for them to score goals and they didn’t.

“Nicolas Jackson has a future, but last year he was struggling until the other striker from Villarreal got injured so he came on.

“After that, Enzo Fernandez is not a top scorer, he showed it again, he had a possibility and he screwed it.

“Raheem Sterling has never been a top scorer. He has been so clumsy in front of the goal, but he does have other qualities.

“Mykhailo Mudryk we don’t know what he’s worth because he just came from nowhere for £100million [sic].

“And the others, I don’t know. Christopher Nkunku is injured so we’ll have to wait until he comes back.

“If they have so much money, they should have bought Harry Kane or so many others. I see some players in France playing for Brest or Lorient, scoring goals like crazy, being a true striker, I’ve talked about Mitrovic before. Pick somebody with a little bit of experience who knows how to score a goal in the six-yard box!

“Because we see that with Chelsea. They arrive – and it’s not even the last third, it’s when they are in the box! – and then they don’t know what to do with the ball. They’re not clever. They don’t pick the right choice. That’s absolutely crazy.

“And the confidence goes down and now they struggle, they wonder, and at the end they do nothing.”

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