He’s back, Levi Colwill leads appreciation for returning key player

At full time on Monday night the Chelsea players were able to go and salute their fans, for the first time in weeks in a positive rather than an apologetic way.

If you listen carefully to the footage from Sky Sports, you can hear Levi Colwill pointing out the returning Armando Broja to the fans: “he’s back! He’s f*****g back!”

Levi knows what the fans want and what the fans like. For all our complaints about mercenaries, there are clearly some true Blues still in this group, with Broja and Colwill chief among them.

You can see the clip of the moment embedded here:

Lovely scenes infront of our supporters. Quality away end. Levi Colwill to Armando Broja: ”He’s back, he’s f*****g back!” 🔵⚪️ #CFC #AWAYDAYS pic.twitter.com/klYboVfWvg

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