Joining Real Madrid is not my dream – Rudiger reveals

Chelsea star defender, Antonio Rudiger sign pre-contract with Real Madrid

Real Madrid defender, Antonio Rudiger has admitted that joining the club was not a dream.

According to the German, it was indeed a fantasy, something beyond his wildest imagination.

Rudiger signed for Real as a free agent in the summer after leaving Chelsea

He said, “I can’t call it that (a dream come true), it’s a fantasy, something that was not within my reach.

“It was always my dream to play in the Premier League, Real Madrid was a fantasy, something bigger that was not within my reach.

“I realised that after I moved, it was when I couldn’t believe it, it was a brutal feeling. I never thought I would live something like this.”

Of how quickly he has settled, Rudiger added: “Never has a team made it so easy for me.”

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