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Kai Havertz reveals hidden fact about N’Golo Kante



Kai Havertz reveals hidden fact about N'Golo Kante

Chelsea’s star Kai Havertz has given new information about N’Golo Kante’s modest way of life. Due to his simple lifestyle, Kante is regarded as the nicest and most modest footballer in the entire world.

The French midfielder is living a low-key life, which contrasts sharply with that of the majority of football players competing at the highest level, despite collecting enormous sums of money in wages and sponsorship deals.

It’s believed that the former Leicester City star is using a Mini Cooper, which he purchased for a pitiful £20,000.

During his time with Leicester City, Kante reportedly preferred to run to practise rather than drive.

Kante has not changed a phone

Havertz has now shared a fresh insight into Kante’s humble lifestyle, which further cements the midfielder’s place as one of the modest footballers of modern history.

Havertz recently disclosed that the France international has not upgraded his phone for a decade.

Speaking to The Guardian, the German star insisted that Kante has no interest in material possessions such as flashy cars and fashion. “I’ve met different characters.

Toni Kroos is one: calm, down to earth, doesn’t care about flashy stuff. He knows life is not only football,” Havertz said. “N’Golo Kante is another.

He’s had the same phone for 10 years, doesn’t care about cars, doesn’t care about clothes. “You cannot judge people because of [spending]. If that makes them happy, I don’t care. Maybe in their heart they are also good people, they just want to act cool,” he added.

Kante promises knee-slide celebration

It was reported that Kante promised his teammates a knee-slide celebration when he scores his next goal after his injury return. Teammates Christian Pulisic, Ben Chilwell and Mykhailo Mudryk accosted the tireless midfielder in training and asked that he should do something different, particularly with his goal celebration.

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