Mike Obi point out what Recce James lacking as Chelsea captain

Former Chelsea and Super Eagles midfielder John Mikel Obi has clearly that what Reece James lacking as Chelsea captain and he should try be more vocal on the pitch.


Being a club captain you needs to call attention of some players that are losing position back to the game in order not to lose the match.

The Sport Info gathered that Mikel Obi talks on the area Reece James is lagging behind, “I know Reece James is a captain and he’s a fantastic player, but when I watch him on the pitch he’s not vocal.

I remember when John Terry used to come up to a player and grab you by the neck and be like ‘wake up, we’re about to lose a game here’.

I don’t see that here. Nobody even talks to each other. Nobody corrects, nobody screams at each other. How are you going to win games?”


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