Pochettino reveals what Chelsea fans don’t want to hear


The last thing some Chelsea fans want to hear after a defeat at home against a team that they should really be beating, is any kind of excuses.



However, it’s all rather catch-22 for Chelsea and for Mauricio Pochettino right now. Because even though they are having a poor season so far on the whole, you do have to look and accept the fact that the mass injuries they have had will certainly have a negative effect on things and have made a difference.

But really, like I said above, Chelsea fans wont want to hear any kind of excuses right now and you can also understand that.


It’s been a turmoil few seasons at Chelsea, and all we have heard and been given is excuse after excuse. Even the most patient of fans who are ‘trusting the process’ of this big rebuild and transition period are starting to get tired of hearing such excuses.



Pochettino is not wrong here, but Blues fans will be growing tired of hearing it to be honest.

In words cited by The Evening Standard after the Brentford defeat Saturday, Pochettino said:

“We are competing but missing things. I think when we have all the players fit we will have the right balance.”


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