Possible reason why Arsenal will finished in top 4 this season

The race to for the top four finish in the English Premier League table EPL is looking very tough, as teams like West Ham United, Arsenal, and Manchester United are working very hard to win all their games in order to increase their chances of finishing in the top four.

However, Arsenal is looking more likely to win the race for the top for finish than the other two clubs that i have mentioned above, mainly for one reason and that is because they have three games in hand.

Here are the 3 games in hand that Arsenal have;

1. Arsenal Vs Liverpool

This match was planned to take place on 26th of February, but the set date pushed further ahead, since Liverpool will be playing on the Carabao Cup fainal on the following day.

2. Tottenham Hotspurs Vs Arsenal.

This game was planned to take place in last year but was later postponed due to Covid-19 related issues.

3. Chelsea Vs Arsenal

This game was also suspended due to the same reasons like the first game mentioned earlier with Liverpool.

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