Reactions as fan post, I need a loan of $4 billion for the purchase of Chelsea FC

Massive reaction as Zack Ahmed posted on his twitter page to request a loan of $4billion to buy Chelsea FC from Abramovich.

The Sport Info learnt that Zack Ahmed wanted to buy Chelsea but he doesn’t have the capital to run it after the club owner Roman Abramovich make final decision to sell the club.

Chelsea News

I need a loan of $4 billion for the purchase of @ChelseaFC can anyone help out?


“I’m a Nigerian..
$4 billion is like 2000000000000000 Naira 😂”

“That’s ok my long lost great uncle who sadly recently passed away lived in Nigeria and left me twice that in his will so we lend it to you !”

“How will you survive from running the club then? 🤷 Cause Chelsea are owing Abrahamovic over £1Bn…..if you need loan to purchase the club,don’t think you’ll have decent clothes to wear in weeks to come 🥲”

“He said he will cancel all the loans. Chelsea will be debt free after the sale.”


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