Real Madrid rival to splash €300m fee on Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe returns to training in PSG after World Cup final (Video)


Real Madrid have been the only side mentioned in conjunction with Kylian Mbappe in recent months, but last time his contract was expiring, there were attempts from others to take the French striker elsewhere.



According to FIFA agent Marco Kirdermir, Mbappe will have other offers this summer. Currently he has maintained that he wants to see out the final year of his deal, but Paris Saint-Germain have seemingly told Mbappe he must renew his deal or bring a large fee this summer.

“Liverpool are competing with Real Madrid and they want to pay a fortune for Mbappe,” Kirdemir told RadioMarca via MD, revealing the quantity of that fortune to be €300m.

“There will be news over the next week. We will have news from England and Germany.”



Mbappe has already alerted PSG to the idea he does not intend to renew his deal beyond next summer, which went down predictably poorly.

“I have spoken with people close to the Qatari family who run the club and they have told me that they are very angry. They wanted and trusted that he was going to renew. The Emir is very upset.”

Real Madrid must depart as favourites for Mbappe’s signature, whenever a deal may occur, as the side he has said he dreams of playing for. Yet having suffered unexpected twists in the past with Mbappe, they are less likely to want to take chances. A move from Liverpool may force them into action, and will definitely raise the asking price.


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