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Reece James’ reaction as fan yells ‘THIS IS NOT CHELS’ at Chelsea’s bench after Soton opener



Reece James' reaction as fan yells 'THIS IS NOT CHELS' at Chelsea's bench after Soton opener

A video emerged on Tiktok showing a passionate Chelsea fan screaming in disbelief and despair just moments after Ward-Prowse scored what turned out to be the winning goal for Southampton.

“F*** off! Sort it out! Why are we playing like this?! This is shocking! This is not Chels!” the man yells.

His words are pretty much what every single Chelsea fan felt when Ward-Prowse put the ball into the net with a free-kick.

What makes it a bit special is that the fan in question sat just behind Chelsea’s bench at the Bridge — and Reece James clearly heard him.

Here’s the right-back’s face as the fan shouts ‘This is not Chels!”.

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