Saudi media’s Chelsea bid verified by the Uk Government amid Candy and Boehly race

The very much unknown Saudi organisation are putting in the work to try and leapfrog Nick Candy and Todd Boehly in takeover race

Potential Chelsea owners Saudi Media have not included the country’s own ‘government’ in their consortium’s bid to takeover the club from Roman Abramovich as the latest is revealed.

On the pitch, the Blues and Thomas Tuchel in particular ensured that off field events regarding the takeover uncertainty didn’t effect the performance as Kai Havertz netted again for the current European and World Champions.

“Not more than in the last game. I had the feeling that it is our responsibility because we can’t influence the situation. We are not responsible for the situation so, at some point, it’s our responsibility because we are in the spotlight and have these games, to focus on what we do well,” Tuchel reflected on the atmosphere and it’s affect on the game.

“It’s a responsibility to our talent but also to every employee of Chelsea. There are a lot of people that I see on a daily basis who are worried and who work for decades. They are not so famous but they are worried for a pretty close future, wonder if things will be alright.

“So for them, it’s important to have the attitude right and also to focus on that and see the responsibility and what this means to these people. Even if it’s just for 90 minutes.

“When we played football during corona [the pandemic] we knew we couldn’t cure the virus. But we tried to give some hope so people could feel joy, excitement, maybe even anger and entertainment. This is what we try to do now. The matter is very serious.

“The Kai Havertz goal was exceptional. We were, of course, a bit lucky today. We maybe had a hard time on the pitch because Newcastle was physical, well deserved, gave us difficulty to create chances and accelerate the game in the last 30 metres.

“It was so important not to concede. To have the quality with one chance, one quality pass and one quality finish to win it. Thank goodness we did it. We never got frustrated about it. They defended very, very well. You could see in the last four minutes what a goal does to the team.

“We were so good in the last four minutes. It was so easy to find the gaps, the switch of play, everything was so easy and so much more fluid. This is what happens. I think the distraction level was not the biggest part today.”

Off the pitch, before kick off, all of Petr Cech, The Telegraph’s Matt Law and Nick Candy provided the latest on the future of Chelsea and where things could be heading over the next few weeks.

But one thing that had gone under the radar was the current state of the Saudi Media’s supposed bid to takeover the reins from Abramovich.

Mohamed Al-Khereiji, the leader of the consortium, has big plans for the club if his bid was to be successful and it seems he is legit with his interest, as already demonstrated by his visibility at Stamford Bridge in the past.

GOAL have reported that ‘meetings continued today about the Saudi Media bid, and it has been independently verified by a UK government source.’

More importantly though, the consortium are trying to gain the advantage over Nick Candy and Todd Boehly by not involving anyone from the Saudi government in their bid to takeover Chelsea.

Something that could well determine the fate of the club with it understood that no bids from any politically sensitive countries will be take account of by the Raine Group who are dealing with the ownership negotiations.

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