Send him to Strasbourg’: Chelsea fans are fed up with this player despite Blackburn win

Chelsea fans cannot understand what is wrong with Nicolas Jackson. The striker dropped yet another stinker despite Chelsea’s 2-0 defeat of Blackburn earlier today.


Some Chelsea fans on X have had enough of the struggling striker who has only managed three goals in 12 games so far.

Here’s what they’re saying about him:

Centurion1: “That’s it, I’ve had enough..send Jackson to Strasbourg on loan next season”

WoodAlfonso: “Jackson…i.hope your French is good… Gonna be enjoying Strasbourg real nice”

vectorvelocy: “Nicholas Jackson sold me dreams during pre-season. I’ve seen enough to conclude that he’s not that guy. If he doesn’t pick up on time, he will be playing in Strasbourg next year.”

thisisntreaal: “Nicholas Jackson is not the calibre of Striker that Chelsea NEED , he doesnt attack the box , doesnt have any predatorial instincts , clearly isnt a finisher , ship him off to strasbourg”

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