Thomas Tuchel asks UK Government to grant Chelsea team access in summer transfer

Chelsea manager has urges and asked the UK government for an access and possibly to be in charge of their actions in the summer transfer follow by the sanctioned and frozen of assets of the club owner Roman Abramovich.

Romano Fabrizio confirmed that “Thomas Tuchel on Chelsea contracts and new signings in stand-by: “I trust in everybody who is in charge in the government to find a solution that keeps us going through the season, and gives us the possibility to be in charge of our actions in the summer”. 🔵 #CFC @AdamNewson”

The sanctioned on Chelsea details that the club cannot partake in transfer market, nor renew players contract that is due.

Tuchel’s response to questions about if Neutral fans would want either Chelsea or Newcastle to win on Sunday :

“ Maybe I don’t care, I want to win, I’m sorry but I don’t care too much on who the neutral supporters think who should win it “

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