Thomas Tuchel reveals how Abramovich statement impact Chelsea performance against Luton Town in the FA Cup

Thomas Tuchel admits Roman Abramovich’s decision to sell Chelsea had an impact on Wednesday’s FA Cup fifth-round clash with Luton Town.

The Blues had to come-from-behind twice before Romelu Lukaku fired in the winner against the Championship side.

Tuchel said:”Maybe I heard it a little earlier than you but still very close to kick-off, we heard the rumours throughout the day, saw on TV, when we have team meetings and eat together everybody talks about it – it is big news, let’s wait and see for the best and see what the day brings.

“I think every decision he takes is the right decision, it is his choice, his club, it is not on me to comment. In the very short term for us as a team, staff and players, hopefully not too much, maybe even it will change nothing, but the situation is now out there and a big situation so I can understand lots of reports.

“We try to cancel the noise and stay focused, which is not always easy, but we showed today we were able to do it.

“We are not living on an island, the players have internet – some are more concerned, to play on the same day a match where focus is absolutely key is not so easy and makes it a bigger performance.”

Watch Luton Town vs Chelsea full highlights

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